24 Hours of Lost Causes

What does a day’s worth of would-be protests look like? And how might we begin to archive the “lost causes” of Twitter? Lost Cause Inc presents a volume of books that catalogues the near-moments of activism in a single 24-hour period — protests that could have been and still could be.

The process begins by capturing specific protest tweets — the ones using #angry, #problems, and #stop — in a database that can be easily translated into refined data. Then next step employs Basil JS to generate one-off series of books that are ready for the (digital) presses — an object of design that can essentially design itself. These books tell a clean data story in the width of their spine and a messy human one on the face of their pages.

24 Hours of Lost Causes has been exhibited twice in the UK at SHOW RCA (June 2014) and the London Design Festival (Sept 2014).

Concept and design: Channing Ritter and Lana Z Porter