#NTHouseproud launch party at the MADE.COM showroom, September 10th, 2014. Photo by Sophia Schorr-Ken.

The National Trust of England is a historical preservation society that maintains places of national significance all over the United Kingdom, keeping the country’s most treasured castles, estates, coastlines, nature reserves, and gardens open—and easily accessible—to the public.

#NTHouseproud is a social campaign that marks the beginning of a major shift in focus for the Trust — the start of a new effort to capture a younger, urban demographic.

The contest closed in early 2015, and a celebrity panel of judges chose 4 category winners. All Instagram submission to the hashtag #NTHouseproud will be permanently archived in the British Library‘s digital collection.

The #NTHouseproud campaign was launched at the London Design Festival in September 2014.
Creative and Design direction: Channing Ritter
Development: Finer Vision
Thank you: Ivo Dawnay, Joseph Watson, Joe Kerr

The #NTHouseproud campaign originated in a proposal created by a group of Royal College of Art alumni including myself (Design Interactions), Irene Yen-Hsuan Shih (Service Design), Anna Alexander (Fashion), and Kit Stiby Harris (Architecture). The National Trust commissioned Brooklyn Think Tank to design the project, and to transform the hashtag into a brand with a socially-driven campaign microsite.

The campaign centers around the search for the quintessential London home. It is a social contest driven by photos of local flats and homes, as well as a crowdsourced archive of the way Londoners lived in 2014.