Channing Ritter

Product & visual design direction

WordPress: Releases & brand-building

Most of my work on the WordPress project is as an individual contributor — but I’ve also been involved with figuring out how to tell the unique story of each of the past few major WordPress releases to the world. The first release I worked on was Josephine, creating the release’s album cover art (a WordPress release tradition) and other release assets.

Helping with those projects gave me the familiarity I needed to step into the Design Lead role for the recent WordPress 6.0 Arturo release. This time around, I helped provide design direction on various product decisions and release assets like the album cover art. I also helped create a video to highlight new features in the release.

The impact of the work we do on WordPress is always humbling — I’m so proud to be helping build the open web with the passionate community of brilliant folks who contribute to the project.

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