Channing Ritter

Design direction

I’m an interactive artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York. With over 10 years of industry experience, I’ve helped institutions like Google and the National Trust UK to bring innovative digital ideas to life.

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24 Hours of Lost Causes: Generative design book series

LOST CAUSE INC is a self-initiated project that catalogues the near-moments of activism on social media. This series of books was created by collecting tweets using the hashtags #angry, #problems, and #stop in a database. Then, the books were generated one by one from the data using Basil JS. Each book in the series tells a clean data story in the width of its spine, and a messy human one on its pages.


Lana Z Porter

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Debbie Ding, Sures Kumar, Benedikt GroƟ, Diana Tanase


'Buy, Buy, Buy' pop-up shop at the London Design Festival, 2014